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New Bracelets

So far, I’m not creating as many bracelets as I imagined.  Life seems to get in the way.  Sometimes, I do find a quiet moment at night and I grab that bull by the horns.  Often, staying up too late.

I LOVE buying new beads and materials.  It’s almost scary.  I’ve set a budget, but am having a hard time sticking to it.  I know, I’m bad.  Buying the new stuff is almost as fun as creating.  Eventually, I’d like to move on to other accessories.  This will mean a bigger budget!  = P

I’m up to 21 bracelets in my Etsy shop.  This is exciting!  However, I can’t wait till there are TWO pages!  Small victories.  The blog I branched off and created for SignatureEnchantment seems to be doing ok, but a little slow at times.

Surprisingly, my RA doesn’t seem to be affected by all of this bracelet making.  This was a concern of mine, but my biggest complaint is the tiny beads! They have a way of jumping out of my fingers.  They seem to love the carpet!  I really think they breed there too!  I’ve recently ordered some Hematite beads.  There is talk they are great for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  With some quick research I came across this article from Arthritis Connect.

“The benefit of these bracelets is based on the notion that magnets have a positive effect on living tissues. According to some researchers, magnetic healing bracelets can help to reduce hip and knee pain. Some theorists believe that the magnetic field facilitates the production of natural analgesics, endorphins and melatonin in the body. This helps to improve blood circulation, promote healing and reduce pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and even stomach issues.”

I do feel a little concerned that I’m spamming.  I mean, I’ve been sharing my creations on Pinterest, my SignatureEnchantment Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, my personal Facebook, my WordPress accounts, and of course by means of mouth.  It’s just so fun.  I love to see progress and social media is a great way to advertise.  It does seem progress comes in waves.  If I add a new bracelet, the views come pouring in.  Without a new addition, the stats are stale.  Maybe I need to change some things.  If you have any ideas or tip or even critiques, feel free to share them.

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7 thoughts on “New Bracelets

  1. You = Rock

    Posted by Jean Nystrom | November 7, 2013, 1:44 pm
  2. Lovely designs :) warm regards Don Charisma

    Posted by doncharisma | December 17, 2013, 12:32 pm

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Now available in my #Etsy #Shop #SignatureEnchantment.  #bohobracelet #hippie #jewelry I was taking #pics of my #craftshow setup.  I didn't catch the extra in my photo at the time. 
#Love the #oldcar #photobomb!  It was an accident with a #cool ending. I #love the #beads in this #bracelet.

Now available in my #EtsyShop #SignatureEnchantment.

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