My Local Kmart Doubles Coupons Everyday Now

English: The logo used by Kmart stores from 19...

English: The logo used by Kmart stores from 1990 to 2004. Can still be seen in use at some locations today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just found out that my local Kmart doubles coupons everyday now.  You must have a Shop Your Way Rewards card.

A few things to note:

1.  You can only double up to 5 coupons per day.

2.  Coupons up to $1.00 can be doubled.

Free Samples Via Kmart


I didn’t realize they did this, so it may be old news.  Just in case, here’s the link:

Copy and pasted for you to view:

To get your free sample, simply click on one of the offers below.

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Upgrading My Life 101 – Bye Telemarketers

Logo for the United States National Do Not Cal...

Logo for the United States National Do Not Call Registry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s lesson.  What did I learn today and how did it improve my life?

Today I’ve learned of a way to possibly rid my life of telemarketers.  This is will be a huge upgrade to my life because everyday, all day long, our home phone rings.  It’s not our close friends and relatives calling, it’s telemarketers.  Starting early in the morning and coming to a stop late in the evening.

Frustrated by this nonsense, I’ve decided to put an end to this annoyance!  By the way, I’d like to make it clear that I don’t have anything against telemarketers personally.  I understand they’re just doing their job, but this has got to stop!

I’ve done some research and have come up with the name of a website that should help.  The National Do Not Call RegistryThere is no cost.  Supposedly once you register, which can include up to three phone numbers you would like blocked from telemarketers, within 31 days the calls should stop.  If the calls don’t stop, you can return to the website and file a complaint.   Here is an article by the Federal Trade Commission explaining why they should stop.  Once you are placed on the Do Not Call list and 31 days have passed since you have registered, it’s against the law for them to call.  Those telemarketers that do call will have to pay fines.  You’ll find more helpful information in this article called Straight Talk About Telemarketing which is also found on the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

I’m going to register right now.

I’m back.  It was very simple and fast.

  1. Put your phone number(s) in.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Check your email.
  5. Click on the link you’re provided in the email.
  6. You’re done!

I’ve made a note of this on my calendar and will keep track of the calls we receive over the next 31 days.  After that time frame has passed, I will answer all calls.  Even the 800 numbers.  Then gracefully take down their information per the conversation.  When I’ve gotten the name of the company, the phone number, and name of the person calling written down, I will tell them to put me on THEIR Do Not Call list.  As well as, inform them that I’ve registered at the National Do Not Call List over 31 days ago.

In the end, my guess is that all the calls won’t stop.  The goal is to greatly reduce the number of calls we’re receiving.  As of right now, it’s at least fifteen calls daily (Mon.-Sun.)  Some days more, some days less.  To those of you in the same situation, good luck!  May this article find you well and get you on your way to peace and quiet.  If you know someone going through this, pass this information on to them.  They will thank you!  Believe me.

Lastly, I hope to do a follow-up post on the outcome of my actions taken and where it’s gotten us.

Thanks for stopping in!

***UPDATE 9/12/2012***

It works!  So far, almost all the calls have stopped!  A few randoms now and again are ok by me in comparison to what we were receiving.  I’ve got to be honest, I really didn’t think it would work, but I’m so glad it did!  Good luck!!!  =)

Daybreak Ad


This is an ad placed on my blog via YouTube.  You may see it at the bottom of this post.  I’m surprised that it actually looks really good.  The link I provided will take you to the video.  When you click on the link, there is the video to play and a description reading:

Daybreak is an immersive and interactive entertainment experience presented by AT&T. Exclusively at”
Upon checking out, I find more videos (chapters) and some other interesting things.  Including another description:
“As science fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Brought to you through various media and technologies, Daybreak is an interactive story about the magic of technology and its power to transform our lives and aid us in reaching our highest potential.”

It looks pretty cool, so I thought I’d share.

Upgrading My Life 101 – I Control the RA

Interior of doctor's office, Mid-City New Orleans.

Interior of doctor’s office, Mid-City New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s lesson.  What did I learn today and how did it improve my life?

Today I’ve learned that I really need to count on myself and hold myself accountable.   I messed up and now I’m paying for it.

For quite some time, I’ve been managing my RA really well.  I was always worried the day would come, in which I found myself in pain again.  The thing is, I didn’t think it would be my fault.  In this case it is.  So what happened?  In short, I relied on others to keep me in check with Enbrel, instead of myself.

Here’s the story:

Last weekend, I realized it was time to take my weekly shot of Enbrel.  To my surprise, when I reached in the fridge to get it, there was no Enbrel to find.  I was out.  I’ve been late a couple of days in the past, and it didn’t really affect me much, so the worry wasn’t really there.  I made the call to Caremark and set-up a delivery for the coming week.  No problem right?  Wrong!

A couple of days go by and I receive a call from Caremark saying that since there were no refills left on the prescription the doctor would need to be faxed.  I start to panic a bit here, because I know I haven’t had an appointment yet this year and they would probably want me to come in.  However, the doctor would want labs done and with results in the office when I had my appointment.  We’re talking at least a week without Enbrel here, by the time it’s all said and done.  At least I thought.

As suspected, I receive the call that the prescription wasn’t refilled and I need to call my (RA)doctor’s office.  When I do, I’m surprised with an opening the very next day.  However, I don’t have scripts for blood work and it wouldn’t be processed by then.  I explain and the nurse tells me the next opening isn’t till August 2nd.  WHAT?!?!  At this point I’m freaking out!  Then, I begin to explain the situation.  She says she may be able to give me a couple of samples when I come in for scripts for blood work.  With a huge sigh, I’m relieved.  The office is closed on Fridays and they had to get my record, so I was going to have to wait till Monday.  On Monday, I would be without Enbrel for a week.  That’s not too bad.  Once again, or so I thought.

Monday comes, and I’m not doing bad.  A little sore, but nothing major.  I go to the office (which is 30 minutes away) and find that a different nurse is working and received no note about giving me samples.  Then she tells me they were out of Enbrel samples anyway.  WHAT?!?!  I could’ve cried at this point.  She did say they were expecting more to come in during the week.  That was good, but I was scared.  With two kids and summer flying by, being in pain was the last thing I wanted.  Sadly, I took the scripts and went on my way.

Tuesday morning, stiffness begins to set in.  So what do I do?  Move all day long.  For fear that if I sat too long, my body would attack.

Wednesday morning, OMG!!!  How did I live like this?  Less moving, more disappointment.  Phone call to the doctor’s office.  No samples yet.

This morning, I can’t believe I was so stupid!  All day, I’ve wanted to lay down.  My elbows feel like they’re stuck at crooked.  My knees are tight and hot.  That general achiness all over.  All because I didn’t take care of myself.  I’m supposed to count on myself.  I know better than this!  Still no samples.  Office isn’t open on Friday, so I may get something on Monday.  I may not.

I do feel there is another source for part of the blame.  TELEMARKETERS!!!  Why?  Telemarketers call our house from 7am to 9pm every day.  Even on Sundays.  We hardly answer our landline anymore.  In the past, when Caremark called to remind me it was time to refill, it showed up on the caller i.d. as Caremark.  I think they got passed off as another telemarketer this time.  In the end, it’s still my fault.  I would love to get them to stop though.

How is this lesson upgrading my life?  In no particular order:

First:  I’m going to find a way to end calls from telemarketers or at least greatly reduce the number of calls we receive in a day.

Second:  I will set reminders in my phone to alert me to make that important call.  As well as write them on my calendar.  No more relying on those reminder calls to take care of things for me.

Third:  Being reminded of the pain I could so easily be in again without medication controlling my RA, I’m going to remember to not take moving for granted.  It sucks to hurt like this.  I feel the RA trying to box me in again.  I feel for all of those out there still struggling to find the right regime for them.

Fourth:  Swim for hours, take even longer walks, and play with my kids till we pass out from exhaustion…when Enbrel makes my joints happy again!!!

Upgrading My Life 101 – ADHD

Brainscan of brains with and without ADHD

Brainscan of brains with and without ADHD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s lesson.  What did I learn today and how did it improve my life?

Today, I learned that I may have a touch of Adult ADHD.  I don’t know if there is such a thing as a “touch of ADHD”.  Also, I should note that there was no diagnosis.  However, it would explain a lot of things.

I’ve heard that adults can have ADHD.  Personally, never thinking that could be me, because I struggle to keep my energy up.  Apparently, you can have ADHD and not be outwardly hyperactive.  As stated in this article:

You don’t have to be hyperactive to have ADD / ADHD

“Adults with ADD/ADHD are much less likely to be hyperactive than their younger counterparts. Only a small slice of adults with ADD/ADHD, in fact, suffer from prominent symptoms of hyperactivity. Remember that names can be deceiving and you may very well have ADD/ADHD if you have one or more of the symptoms above—even if you lack hyperactivity.”

Whoa!  That was a huge shock to me.  Afterall, it is called Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  When I think about people I’ve known to have this disorder, they were bouncing off the walls or fidgety.  That about summed up what I knew about ADD/ADHD.  There is a lot more to it than that I’ve found.

For example, there is also a symptom known as Hyperfocus.  This really caught my eye.  When I’m working on a task or project, I can become engulfed with only that and nothing else.  To me, this is good.  To those around me, it can be quite annoying.  From the same article listed previously, here is an excerpt explaining it:

Common adult ADD / ADHD symptoms: Hyperfocus

“While you’re probably aware that people with ADD/ADHD have trouble focusing on tasks that aren’t interesting to them, you may not know that there’s another side: a tendency to become absorbed in tasks that are stimulating and rewarding. This paradoxical symptom is called hyperfocus.

Hyperfocus is actually a coping mechanism for distraction—a way of tuning out
the chaos. It can be so strong that you become oblivious to everything going on
around you. For example, you may be so engrossed in a book, a TV show, or your
computer that you completely lose track of time and neglect the things you’re
 supposed to be doing. Hyperfocus can be an asset when channeled into productive
activities, but it can also lead to work and relationship problems if left

The thing is, this happens to a lot of people and they don’t all have ADD/ADHD.  The question is, how many of the other symptoms do they experience and how long has it been going on?  Obviously, self diagnosis is not a good idea.  I will speak with my doctor about this.  As should anyone else.  Especially, if one feels things are out of control.

In my case, I’m going to start with improving my lifestyle, as I have no interest in medications at this point.  Anyhow, improving lifestyle could only be positive regardless of whether I have ADHD.  When there are things I can do to help myself, why not?  Continuing exercise, working harder on sticking to a routine, trying to curb those cravings for midnight snacks, and lots of alarms.  Ultimately, creating better habits.