Summer Fun and New Items for Signature Enchantment


Another exciting post from my Signature Enchantment Blog. =)

It’s been a busy summer for myself and family.  We’ve had some crazy weather with highs in the 90’s only a few times.  Which is odd, but is ok with me.  I’d rather get out and about when it’s in the upper 70’s compared to the upper 90’s.  So listing new items is slow at best.

One of the things I did this summer, with the help of one of my best friends, is participate in a few craft shows.  They have been fun and a learning experience!  I’m not making a lot of money, but I’ve covered the fees and a little more.  My inventory is still a little small compared to other jewelry sellers I’ve met,  but I’ll get there.

11091101LaPorte TBird

We had a day at the zoo.  It was another crazy weather day where it was hot, cold, rainy, warm, cool, wet, and dry all in one day.  We managed…

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