Time Travel in Dreams?


DreamingIs it possible that so many people have dreams that they feel were insight to the future because they actually travelled through time while they were dreaming?  With the idea of parallel universes in mind, I thought maybe this was a possibility.  Is one’s self  in a parallel universe able to connect with this version of ourself via dreams?  Maybe even unintentionally?  Is it possible that while we’re in a dream state, there is a part of our brain or subconscious that manifests in a different way?  Allowing a connection with one’s self from another timeline or a future timeline and giving a glimpse of a different life or pieces of information.

Premonition, psychic, precognative, and prophetic are a few words used to describe dreams that appear to come true.  Do they seem to come true because they were actually a jump forward in our timeline.  Some people of science think it’s our brains recalling and mixing up our memories.  Some say it’s coincidence, nothing more.  Some believe that we as humans still have a long way to go when it comes to figuring out how our brains work.

My opinion is that we have a lot more to learn about ourselves and the universe. Personally, I’ve experienced quite a few dreams that made me shake my head and wonder. I share my dreams frequently and when something mimics a dream I’ve shared and I don’t even catch it, but the person I shared with…does…I know something curious is going on. A dream journal is a good way of keeping track, but for me, I dream so often that I find myself only keeping track of the dreams that feel so very real.

Once, I had a dream that felt like I was living another life or a parallel life.  The dream started off by me waking up on a couch in a different home than I know or have ever known.  I laid on this couch and gazed out the window, then enters my son (not sure it was my current son or even my current family) who says he’d like to go ride his bike.  So, we got ready and off we went.  Once outside, I recognized nothing.  Our home was a small apartment in a big building among other big buildings in a coastal area.  Nothing that I’m used to.  Then I walk along my young son as he rides his bike and it was peaceful, but I was sad.  Upon returning “home”, and this is where it becomes more dreamlike, I realize there is another door in our living room.  I proceed to go to it, but then stop for moment because I feel there is a man on the other side.  I throw it open anyway and am surprised to see a man but also that it’s another door to the outside and there are a lot of people walking by.  When I woke up, I was overwhelmed with sadness, wondering where my husband and daughter were.  For awhile.  This dream had a such a feeling of reality that it has made the idea of parallel universes more interesting to me. Then the logical side of me tries to find a “normal” reason.

I’m not a stranger to these odd dreams that make such an impact on me.  An example of what some might call a prophetic dream is, I dreamt of tanks and what I called army guys parading down the main street in a town nearby.  Within the year, my husband decided to join the military.

Once, as a teenager, I dreamt that I was driving a little red car.  After telling my sister, she looked at me like I was diseased and said that was so weird.  I didn’t understand why, until she told me my mom had just met a man who drove a little red car.  Guess what the first car I drove was?  Coincidence could very well be the culprit here.

Also, we had an apartment in Gulfport Mississippi when I was pregnant with my son.  One morning I told my husband about a dream I had.  I had dreamt that there was a huge whole in our roof.  He laughed and jested about me and my dreams.  A couple of weeks later is when Hurricane Katrina came through.  Fortunately, we were able to make it out just in time.  We had headed to Dallas Texas.  Because he was in the military, he was ordered to return to help clean up the aftermath.  When he went to our apartment, he called to tell me how things were.  He said, ever so quietly, the roof above our bed is gone.  There have just been so many dreams like this in my situation.

A few things start to come to mind as I ponder this idea.  For one, not all people remember their dreams.  Why would some people be left out of this?  My dreams are vivid, so of course it’s easy for me to imagine such possibilities as time travel while I’m sleeping.  For those that don’t remember their dreams, is it still possible?  My understanding is that for people not to dream would mean they’re either not reaching an REM state or are simply not remembering them.  So would people who don’t remember dreaming really be getting left out?

Dreams of the prophetic nature usually seem to run in certain families from what I’ve witnessed. This could be explained by learned behavior I suppose. Could it be due to how the brains are wired? There have been studies  showing that how our brains are wired makes an impact on how we view God.  This would possibly explain why some people dream and some don’t.

Another thought that comes to mind is how might déjà vu be involved?

Déjà vu is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the prior encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.  Some scientific research leads to the idea that the experience of déjà vu might actually be someone reliving a dream, but to any of you who have experienced this, it definitely feels like it’s happened before in your awakened state.  Maybe it’s just that silly brain misfiring.  Maybe, in that moment, we are recalling a moment of time travel we journeyed on in our dreams.  Either way there does seem to be a connection between dreams and déjà vu.  Or even possibly experiencing a moment where our current reality is meshed with a different reality.  It all gets quite mind-boggling and this could head into a discussion about physics.  See Michio Kaku for such discussions.  *laughs*

What about animals and their dreams?  Pets have saved people and other animals for that matter.  Was it a clue to the future that led to a quick response?  I’d like to do some research into this and write more on it later.