A Post From a Beginner!



I’d like to start my blog by thanking wordpress.com for offering this free and easy to use website.  Next I’d like to thank my readers for viewing and to let them know that I don’t have a degree in anything.  I do have my high school diploma.  I’m currently a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful young children.  It’s certain my blogs aren’t going to be perfect.  In light of that, helpful criticism is always welcome and anything but..isn’t.  Blogging is a new challenge for me.  Sometimes you come to a point in life where you need to try something new and have something new to look forward to.  Right now, this blog is going to be my something new.  I’m hoping it becomes a journey of trial and error, but eventually something I can feel proud of.  Money isn’t my goal, but hey…I don’t know many people who would turn it down.  Especially for writing about their views and observations.  I’m guessing the first posts I make will be amateur at best, but I know when I really get into it that the thoughts I share will be understood by many. 

Finishing up, I’ll leave you with a thought I had the other day as I peeled onions.

Men are like onions.  Sometimes you have to peel thru a couple of layers to find the good stuff.  Sometimes you peel thru all the layers to find nothing good at all.