Facebook Games Can Be a Full-time Job. Where is the reward?


So, I have this new routine.  When I get up in the morning I take care of both of the kid’s initial needs.  Then I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down in front of the computer.  What’s the first thing I do when the screen is lit up and ready for me?  I login into Facebook.  Immediately I start clicking away at all the bonuses I missed overnight.  Pulling up this game and that one.  Sending characters to work, visiting their neighbors, dogfighting, missions, jobs, socializing, planting, collecting, building, training, feeding, cleaning, preparing dishes, harvesting crops, and now digging.  In the midst of all of this, I’m feeding and changing a baby, making breakfast, helping my four-year old with his Facebook games, and sending all of my neighbors their respective gifts for each game.  That’s all before lunchtime.  This morning I thought to myself…WHY?  Do I feel some kind of completion by playing these “socializing games”.  I don’t go many places or do much these days.  The idea of getting both kids ready and myself ready to go somewhere is quite daunting unless I know I’ll have help.  Is this why I play?  Am I trying to trick my brain into thinking that I’m being social?  Am I just bored and in need of mental stimulation that doesn’t involve singing my ABC’s?  Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy doing all of it.  I have only a few favorites.  So, why the rest?  Do I feel I’m being helpful? 

Even as the afternoon rolls on, Facebook is still up on my monitor and every time I pass by, I click on this and that and check this or that.  Dinnertime comes and I’m in the process of making dinner.  Between stirs or chopping..what am I doing?  That’s right!  Working on my Facebook games again.  Then I have to wonder about another possibility.  Addiction.  I admit it, I have an addictive personality so it’s easy for me to become addicted to something.  I rarely do anything else, so is this just me finding something else to be addicted to?  If so, how about all the people who are right there with me everyday.  Posting, sending, working.  They’re there as much as me.  Are they addicted too?  Or is it just our way of being social?  It sure is a lot of work being “social”.  I don’t even get paid.  So, I have to ask this.  Where is the reward?  What is the reward?  All in all, I’m amazed at the other things in life I still manage to keep up with.  I guess it’s multi-tasking at it’s best.  Or is it?

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