A Tip For Meatier Spaghetti


Wanting meatier spaghetti, but can’t seem to get it right?  I had this problem for years.  It would always seem so close, but just not quite right.  I tried all kinds of sauces, more meat, more seasoning, sugar, and I even tried cream of mushroom soup (which wasn’t half bad).  Then one day, here I am.  Dreading the deed in front of me.  It’s spaghetti time again.  I think if it wasn’t so cheap to make when you’re trying to save money, I would’ve left this silly challenge of mine high and dry.   Back to that day.  That wonderful day.  I’m standing there browning meat, boiling noodles, and staring up at my spice cabinet when it hits me.  Beef bouillon cubes.  Suddenly I’m remembering the wonderful taste of the broth those magical cubes make.  So, when it’s time to prepare the sauce..I do it.  I peel off the wrapper of one (and only one) and drop it in.  Nervous and excited at the same time I stir and wait.  Afraid to take a taste test.  Even as I dished the finished product out to my dear family (who lovingly ate all of my past “experiments”) I’m wondering if it’ll be another flop.  I sat there waiting and watching.  Afraid to take my own bites.  I wanted to see their expressions.  I can almost feel the sweat beading up on my forehead as I recall the moment.  It’s silent.  I wait impatiently.  Finally, I blurt out awkwardly…SO…?  My husband gives me a devilish grin.  My son says mmmmmmmhmmmm.  Could it be?  My eyes darting back and forth at them waiting for more to see.  They were too busy shoving it all in.  It was time to take the plunge.  I took my first bite and I wasn’t repulsed.  Then I took another bite, and still not repulsed.  I wasn’t even close to being repulsed.  This was good.  I said aloud, “I finally mastered it”.  There you have it.  Add a cube of beef bouillon to your sauce and see how it works for you.  That’s my tip for meatier spaghetti.  Hopefully, you too can finally find that something extra you’re looking for.

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