What Would Happen If Night Became Day and Day Became Night?


Weather forecast for the day, warm and sunny.  Whatever should one do on a day like this?  I would get outside and enjoy it.  Except there seems to be a problem these days.  The sun and it’s UV rays. Being fair-skinned, I’ve had my share of run-ins with these rays. There were a few times in my younger years that I spent all day in the sun and the next two covered in Noxema.  Trying to cool the sting of the nasty sunburn I was suffering through.

Now as the ozone layer that has helped protect our beautiful planet is disappearing, I ponder what will happen.  No more ozone layer means, no more protection from the effects of harmful UV rays A and B.  So, if this were to happen in extreme..would it possibly be best for us all to switch around the way we live life?  Work, shop, get-togethers, bbq, etc. during the evening when the sun was down or close to it.  Spending the daylight hours in our beds fast asleep like vampires.  People who work nights or have insomnia for example…experience this as the norm already.

I worked midnights for a while myself.  In retrospect, I rather enjoyed feeling the sleepy calm of the morning knowing I was going home to sleep while the world hustled around me.  The main problem I had with midnights was missing a somewhat normal social life.  If night were to become day and vice versa, I could work midnights and still carry on with a decent social aspect to my life.  How would everything else be affected though?  Would people even plant gardens?  What would happen in the farming community?  Open all-nights would become open all-days?  What would happen to everyone’s skin tone over decades and decades of this?  There would probably be so many things changed that we couldn’t even fathom them all.

The scary part is, I believe this really could become the way we live, for survival’s sake.  Of course, there is always a chance that either our bodies adapt in some way or the world succumbs to a major catastrophe.  I guess I’ll keep lathering on sunscreen hoping for a bit of protection until further notice.

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