World of Tanks Ten Commandments – Repost


I just read this on the forums and had to share.  Submitted by Sword_of_Light.


Old-World-War-Tank-Textured-Photo-Art (Photo credit: Captain Kimo)

1.  Thou Shalt Not Team Kill.  No offense is greater in the eyes of thine team, nor grievance great enough to justify slaying thine own.  If the retch turn blue, strike him down, for he is an abomination, but neither grief nor TK if mere offense is given.
2.  That Shalt Not Cry Out “Hacker!”.  There is no hack, for thine is the kingdom of the server side.  Thou ye know not how that artie reloaded so quickly, or that heavy doth strike you down even though you totally had cover, it is not a hack, but skill, thine enemies skill.  Learn from them, so that ye may one day strike down thine own enemies with similar mad skillz.
3.  Thou Shalt Not Take Thine Own Life.  For all life is sacred, with the obvious exception of yon red infidels, and only thine wife’s lament that ye are late for dinner with the inlaws shall ye rush out midfield in Malinovka.  All else is sin.
4.  Thou Shalt Not Platoon With Tier Ones Unless Ye Be Tier One.  For the Children of WoT are many, and naive, and have neither shield nor sword, and though they may desire to see the great and ferocious Maus on the field of battle, verily, it is a move more like the behind of a mule to bring one in to a match.
5.  Thou Shall Be Useful.  All tanks are worthy in the eyes of the Maker of Matches, unless they beith loltanks, and though ye cannot pen, and lament that ye have no purpose being here, take heart, for you can scout, or distract.  Be not craven and hide in the corner, but strive, and in doing so, vex thine enemies.  If ye are small, then thy repair costs are but a pittance, and your death but a minor thing.  Your wreckage may serve as a haven for those who still strive for the victory which will surely granteth you too the boon of xp and creds.
6.  Thou Shall Take Responsibility.  Thou shalt not claim thine team arises from the land of the noob, for rarely is a loss not also your fault.  Nobility in defeat is greater in glory than nobility in victory.
7.  Thou Shalt Not Order In Pubs.  Though many have worn the crows and chevrons of war, none do so in WoT, and no prince nor king can lay sole claim to the green flag.  Order not thine team to do this or that, even if ye be a master of WoT, none is so great that they cannot utter the word “please”.
8.  Thou Shall Back the Play of The Big Guy.  For though none command, there are those that sit upon high, and they are the point of the spear.  If they strike alone, all is lost.  Let them not wander in the wastes of thine enemies, but follow with sword in hand, and strike down the unrighteous.
9.  Thou Shalt Not Blame Arty.  Artillery is the hand that reaps the enemies in the field, it is the fist that punishes the arrogance of Men.  Seek the shelter of stone, of buildings which are not destructible, of the shadow of the hills, and the hand shall pass over you.  Move, for the eye of artillery detests the stationary, and will strike down those enemies who linger.  Curse neither arty which has struck you down, nor curseth the arty which cannot strike the tier ten Leviathan on the other team.  Much goes into the striking fist of arty, and when the blow lands, it can be mighty, or it can totally whiff.  Such is the way of the world of tanks.
10.  Thou Shall Remember This Is Just A Game.  While thee may have paid cold hard cash, still the striving within are not real.  Wars rage for real, and real people die, and many go without food, or freedom, and nothing in this game is nearly as important.  Thou art blessed with the monies to have a PC, while many go without even a roof.  Nor playest this game when thou has the opportunity to get you some, nor at the cost of thine friends and family, who are real.  If rage within you cannot be contained, and your lamentations arise with much profanity, perhaps the time to stop is nigh upon you.

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