A Reminder For Those With RA


A current picture of my right hand.

1.   Raise both arms above your head and stretch out slowly and reach as high as you can.  Taking a deep breath in as you raise your arms.  When you reach the peak, breathe out slowly.  Keep your back as straight as possible.

2.  Try to touch your ear to your shoulder…hold it.  Now the other side.  Next put your chin to your chest as close as you can and hold it.  Bring your head back and look up above you, now extend back even further to see behind you.   Turn your head side to side, trying to make your chin parallel to your shoulder.

3.  Turn your torso to the left and right.  Really try to push so that you can see behind you.  Next, put your hands straight out in front of you and tuck your head down then reach.

4.  Put your hands in prayer position in front of you and slowly bring them in toward your chest.  Keeping your hands in prayer position, raise them up and then down slowly.

5.  While sitting, and your feet flat on the ground, lift your heels off the ground so that only your toes touch.  Then rock your feet so that your toes are off the ground and now your heels are there instead.  You can do this one even as you’re sitting and surfing the net or checking email, etc.  Try to do this for at least 3 repetitions of 10.  I feel lots of popping when I do this, but it feels good as well.

My wrists are mostly fused, my fingers have deformities, my ankles have lost a lot of range of motion, and my neck appears to be permanently stiff mostly because I wasn’t doing what I should’ve been doing.  It doesn’t take long, and it’s a good habit to keep stretching.  There are many  stretches you can do.  Stretching to reduce stiffness can be very beneficial.  Hope you feel even a little bit better.  Feel free to add stretches you like to do.

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