To My Disbelief…


Winter is moving in and I’m still doing ok. *Knock on wood* Ever since the “new me” came to be earlier this year, I’ve been fearing a let down. Spring came and went, things were ok. Summer came and went, wow this is amazing. Now Fall is here and on it’s way out and I still can’t complain at my body. My energy levels are still up most of the time and overall pain isn’t a factor. Which is great considering my daughter is now one year old and mobile. My son is surprised to see me doing things and questions me quite frequently because he only knew the sore mommy…the tired mommy…the I can’t honey, mommy. The joy and disbelief on his face outranks mine. Tossing a football around with him in the backyard seemed only a dream even last year. Now it’s reality. I swear I even saw a tear in his eye. For a five-year old, that’s huge! 

I’m still a little nervous as to what will happen when the temperatures drop to zero and below freezing.  I guess I’ll do my best to stay warm.  Although, at least one time this winter;  I want to have a snowball fight, make snow angels, go sledding, and build a snowman with my family.  Followed by us all cozied up together with our hands wrapped around mugs of hot chocolate and rosy cheeks.  There will have to be pictures as well.  A way to remember the time I pushed the boundaries and enjoyed things with my family instead of standing by and watching.  Someone else will have to hold the camera this winter!

One thought on “To My Disbelief…

  1. It is wonderful to read that you are in the game again…so to say. And I can so relate to that voice inside that keeps whispering…will I be sidelined once again? Enjoy it! Relish the extra hugs, throws of the football or playing with your one year old. RA is no different then regular life except it has given us the realization of what we may loose..most other people just take it all for granted.

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